Delta Fuel is a multifunctional organization supplying bulk fuel, lubricants and supplies to the agriculture industry. We provide gas, diesel, ethanol, biodiesel, DEF and propane, making us one of the most noticed suppliers on the map! Delta Fuel has 50 years of unsurpassed dependability combined with superior quality products and service.

Our line of lubricants all meet OEM Specifications. We also provide oil and fuel sampling, as well as rental power irrigation units!

Engine Oil

Hydraulic fluids

Tractor hydraulic fluid

Gear oil

Specialty Grease

Specialty Fluids

Cotton picker spindle grease

Highway Diesel


Farm Diesel


Jet A


AV Gas



E-85 Gasoline

Triethylene Glycol, Mineral Spirits, DEF, Cleaner, Methanol, Racing Fuel, HD Degreaser, Spindle Cleaner

50/50 Premix, Extended Life, Concentrate



  • Tank Setup (250 GAL – 10,000)
  • Custom fuel and lubricant tank design
  • Maintenance on our Power Irrigation Units
  • Oil and Fuel Sampling


6 month or 1 year lease available on Propane Irrigation Units –

5.7L Chevy Engine designed to run 60hp and 80hp gear heads. We supply the propane tank and maintenance on the engine.


Delta Fuel has done an excellent job with servicing Edward Reams Farm with diesel fuel and propane. With the Badass Grease lubricant they sell, we are able to use a smaller amount of grease than other brands and it adheres better!

We’ve been leasing our power units from Delta Fuel for several years, The service that we get from Delta Fuel is second to none. We highly recommend Delta Fuel for all of your power unit needs.

As stressful as agriculture is, the last thing I want to worry about is my fuel, grease, lubricants and propane power units, Delta Fuel’s service, response time and reliability puts my mind at ease so I can focus on producing the best yields possible.