Lubricant analysis is an easy way to monitor the health of your equipment. Many people think it’s mainly used to determine when oil should be changed, which is important, but it’s also valuable for seeing the types and amounts of particulates that are present. When your equipment isn’t running right, you can normally detect wear particles and other contaminants before any major damage can happen.

An Oil Analysis Helps to Predict Failure Before it Happens

Conventional lubricant analysis can often be a time-consuming, frustrating process. Equipment needs to be shut down. Then, samples must be collected and sent to a lab for further study and analysis. Finally, a report is sent that often requires an expert to interpret.

This process is much easier with the R360 Mobile Lab. The device is small enough to fit inside a ruggedized briefcase and works with any oil type and viscosity. Getting started with R360 Mobile Lab is easy:

1. Connect two hoses to your equipment.
2. Once the R360 Mobile Lab device is attached, you get a real-time, color-coded analysis with recommended next steps.

The report also shows high-resolution images to show the shape and size of the particulates in your lubricant. The system accurately identifies fibers and other materials and makes water droplets easy to spot.

This process not only removes the guesswork, but you’ll be able to complete every oil analysis quickly without wasting time.

R360 Mobile Lab also has oil life profiles for more than 500 common industrial fluids, so you’ll always know exactly when and why a change is needed.

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Regular oil analyses will keep your equipment running longer and prevent unplanned outages. R360 Mobile Lab makes the process convenient and easy while providing all the benefits of a lab-based analysis without the wait.

Let the Reliability 360 lubrication specialists show you how easy oil analysis and interpretation can be.