Particle Counting: Getting Started and Best Practices

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Stop Guessing. Know for Sure that Your Equipment Is Safe

  • Prevent Catastrophic Loss of Assets
  • Remote Real-Time Digital Lubrication Monitoring
  • 15 Years of technological development | 7 Patents Issued
  • The only True Optical Technology on the market
  • Interactive Dashboard Lets you See Your Entire Fleet

Who Is Atten2?

Atten2 develops and markets advanced On-line technology for fluid monitoring

15 Years of Technological Development


7 Patents

6 Products

A patented fluid condition monitoring system that is a giant leap forward in sensors, and the only true optical technology available.

Using high-definition lenses, cameras & lighting, this system takes the guesswork out of what’s in your fluid by actually identifying particles in addition to counting them, then going even further by recognizing the exact type of wear taking place.

Advanced algorithms provide real time feedback on the type & severity of wear occurring in turbines, so that you can plan and respond if needed, or confidently continue operations, avoiding unnecessary downtime and expense in both cases. This provides TWO significant, hard dollar savings by preventing high-cost failures while prolonging intervals between service.
Even better, since the system is essentially a microscope with a brain & mouth, it can identify and eliminate bubbles from the particle counts, which further reduces guesswork and potentially unnecessary intervention.

In short, this is the only solution that gives assets their own Vision & Voice, letting owners know WHAT they need, and WHEN they need it.

Noria Unboxing Atten2 S120 Sensor

Particle counting is incredibly useful when determining the condition of both your machinery and its lubricant.  However, there is always a delay between pulling an oil sample and receiving data back from off-site labs.  One of the best ways to get more timely, accurate, and useful data is by using on-line particle counters attached directly to critical machines.  one of the premier on-line counters is the Atten2 S120 2.0.  In this video, Devin and Wes from Noria unbox this real-time sensor and discuss the unique capabilities that set it apart from other counters.

Reliabilty360 provides a fully kitted package, and on-site support, for a true turn-key solution.

Additional Unique Features
  • The sensor self-calibrates on a continuing basis, never requiring future calibration
  • All sensors can be easily uploaded with new software revisions
  • The communication protocol is OPEN and accommodates all normal industrial means (Profibus, modbus, J1939, cellular, wi-fi) * Reliability360 also provides the necessary gateways & cables
  • Integration and startup support is provided
  • The system collects & stores vast amounts of data, including pictures of your fluid, then the software allows you to ‘train’ your system to suite your specific needs, with custom alarms, visuals and feedback
  • The sensors can be used on almost any fluids, including water, fuel, heavy lubes, glycol, and all industrial lubricating fluids.

True Optical IoT Lubricating Oil Monitoring for These Use Cases & More:

  • Monitor the information on the patterns of wear in the turbine bearings
  • Allow control of the risk of generating varnish
  • Allow the useful life of the generator bearings to be monitored
  • Check the quality of the new lubricant before supplying it to the turbine
  • Exhaustively control the life-cycle of the lubricant and optimise the changes without compromising the effectiveness of the lubrication system
Combustion Turbines
  • Monitor the information on patterns of wear in the turbine bearings
  • Allow the lubricant water contamination to be measured
  • Check the quality of the new lubricant before supplying it to the turbine
  • Exhaustively control the life-cycle of the lubricant and optimise the changes without compromising the effectiveness of the lubrication system
Steam Turbines
  • Be informed at all times of the degree of oil degradation
  • Measure the ratio of lubricant degradation with respect to the quality of the gas, combining the work hours of the motor and the level of contaminants in the oil.
  • Measure patterns of wear in the main components of the motor.
  • Measure the behaviour of the motor and its mechanical tension under transitory conditions.
  • This solution can be connected to measurements based on NIR technology (TBN, TAN, soot, insoluble content) and get a complete view of the state of the motor and the quality of the oil.
Reciprocating Engines
Where can we apply it?
  • Gearbox
  • Bearings lubricated with lubricant oil
  • Reduce the occurrence of unplanned faults in gearboxes
  • Increase the useful life of the gearbox with customised lubrication strategies
  • Optimise the life-cycle of the lubricant without jeopardising its effectiveness in the lubrication system
  • Optimise the operation of the wind turbine by considering the effect on the the gearbox condition and life cycle status
Wind Turbines
  • Monitor the state of the hydraulic systems in trucks and diggers
  • Reduce faults in transmissions by continuous monitoring
  • Control the wear pattern of the diesel motors and the condition of the oil online and in real time
Industrial Vehicles

The Only True Optical Technology Available

Give Your Assets Vision and Voice