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Save Money to Switch

Delta Fuel offers Propane Powered Irrigation Units and Tank Setup, which has proven to save you money, even without incentives! Diesel powered engines do the job, but Propane engines cost an average of 50% less, and save you fuel costs of up to 40%.  Want to see the difference in your wallet? Switch today! Our […]

Propane Incentives

You can save on new propane-powered ag equipment, through the Propane Education & Research Council’s Propane Farm Incentive Program (PFIP). The Propane Education and Research Council will give you up to $5,000, just for helping them prove the benefits of clean, American propane in the field. You’ll find a list of available equipment, and the […]

Is Propane For You?

If you’re getting ready to build or remodel your home, listen to what these builders from around the country have to say about propane. From greater energy savings of propane-powered appliances to the added ambiance of outdoor lighting, propane has advantages other energy sources can’t beat.  Source: Propane.com

Green Living

If you’re interested in reducing your family’s carbon footprint, propane is the ideal fuel source for your home. Take a tour of an all-propane home to learn about its environmental and performance advantages. Source: Propane.com

Builders: Outdoor Spaces

Don’t let falling temperatures prevent them from enjoying their outdoor spaces. By Stacey Freed,  Propane.com Cooler weather is the true test for outdoor living spaces. After all, a patio fire pit can be a cozy place to gather on a late fall or winter evening, and many people want to use their grill year-round. With […]